Intense Pain Of Pleasure – If You Both Really Want London Mistress

The game is in full swing and you are both still there? Good. Then it’s time to take the next step. Add the pains of pleasure to your partner. For example, with whip pliers. You can also give (slight) electric shocks if you both like it.

Bondage doesn’t necessarily have to do with pain. Take this step together and only if you both enjoy it.

If you are scared of the risk of injury or find that bondage in general may be too big a step, we have a sweeter alternative for you: Chain your partner with words. Instruct him not to use certain parts of his body, he is not allowed to object and he will only be able to move again when you allow him to.

This can be very “soft” compared to strings and cables. But try it, you will see that “verbal bondage” has its own particular charm. Advanced BDSM users should definitely give it a try too.


“Verbal Bondage” actually falls more into the Discipline category. Discipline in Bondage is the education of a submissive called a Sub. The Sub’s failed steps must be punished, of course. Therefore, the D of Discipline can also be read as D of Dominance. The Dom determines the rules and penalties for violations of the regulations themselves.

Therefore Discipline is an important factor in the power relationship between Dom and Sub and is an essential component of BDSM. We have some suggestions for you:

Possible orders:

undress … slowly!

touched …. without coming!

wait for me at home …. naked!

let me in for a relaxing bath!

lick me!

close your eyes!

Possible punishments:

lick me!

clean the bathroom …. naked!

three slaps on the backside.

three lashes on the backside.

a week without sex.

sex every day for a week.

Possible rewards:

sex every day for a week.

to kiss.


a sip of champagne.




These two letters of BDSM can be summarized because one cannot do without the other. After all, it takes a dominant and a submissive.

The Dom is the one who directs the Sub, determines his actions, rewards or punishes. The exercise of sexual power can be very erotic, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t hide behind some whipping. The dom if he wants can give the task to the Sub to whip him.

A Sub is not only dominated, but also wants to be dominated. The diver is not a victim, he wants to be obedient and demands domination from his partner. Trust is an absolute prerequisite for SM and a keyword that can be used to stop the game immediately.

In soft BDSM, it is not uncommon for both partners to switch roles of the Dom and Sub and try what they have the most fun with. Advanced BDSM users have usually already found their role and don’t change anymore.

Dominance and submission are usually already established in sex life. Often during sex there is already a more active (dominant) and passive (devotic) part.

Also, there are of course several ways to take command in bed. Here are some examples:

Give orders to your partner

Scold your partner for not being obedient. If you haven’t learned yet, you need a fine. You are there the Dom and must obey. Who does not want to hear, suffers. Tie

your partner Free him

only when you want. Your partner has nothing to say about it, not even if he starts begging.

Spoil your partner with pleasure pains

Decide for yourself how long and intensely you want to torture your Sub. Did he disobey you again after you whipped him? Then use the slightly thicker whisk.

Dominate your Sub physically

Scratch, bite gently or pull your hair – it doesn’t have to be that violent. The main thing is that he needs to know who the boss is.

Dominate your Sub also verbally

Tell your Sub what you expect from him. Without “please” and “thank you”. He has to obey you because you have the word.

Talk dirty (Dirty Talk)

No shyness! Dirty Talk is your middle name from now on.

You are the

boss.That is to say, your Sub asks your permission for everything he wants to do. On the contrary, you can decide whether to do it with him if you feel like it. Decide when sex begins and when it ends. Of course, it is also decided when and if the Sub will have an orgasm. Let him come when he has mastered a task particularly well. But don’t make it a habit.

In all fun games, the game ends exactly when the code word is called. Trust and respect are the basis of BDSM. Never exceed the pain threshold. Ultimately there are many other ways to master the Sub.


BDSM is often confused with MS. But as you know, BDSM is so much more than SM.

Sadism is the desire to inflict pain on others, while masochism is the desire to receive pain inflicted by others. This pain doesn’t always have to be physical.

Physical pain:


to bite.


to scratch.

Mental pain:

to offend.


cause jealousy.

Combination of both:

the diver must perform degrading sexual acts.

the diver is also beaten in public.

the diver must also act in public against his will.

If you find sadism exciting, but still can’t gauge exactly how much pain a whiplash can cause, try it on yourself first. This way you will learn to evaluate your strength and be able to take responsibility for your partner.

Who does not want to hear, undergoes

In sadomasochism, everything is possible. Biting, spanking, scratching. You can do pretty much anything with your partner, as long as they agree. In addition to whipping, spanking is a very popular game.

Spanking basically stands for spanking. In the past, this mainly meant spanking on the buttocks. However, there are also many other parts of the body where a small flap can cause erotic tingling. Spanking is a common practice in MS and is used as foreplay or during direct sex. If you feel like spanking, there are a few things you should consider the first time:

Select the correct location. The most comfortable is probably the Doggy style. So you can comfortably spank your Sub.

Start slowly. Start with short, gentle pats and gradually increase the intensity of the blows. This way you can evaluate the limits and learn how to play.

Initially spank only with the hand. Always remember that the pain can be so bad that it is fun for both of you.

If you want to use an object for your spanking games, start with the hand. The “heated” skin tolerates pain better and the diver can adapt to what awaits him.

Take breaks. For example, you can pause for five minutes after five strokes. The break break can then be filled with more gentle strokes. Variety is also good for Spanking and increases suspense.

Choose a position where you have as much contact with your body as possible. For example, you can put the Sub above the knee. If you are confident enough, you can also try other positions.

Sensitivity is especially important for spanking. Watch your lover’s reactions. Of course, it’s his job to tell you when it gets too much. It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on him though. If you feel that he is losing the sense of fun, go slower.

Start with care. It is the first time so it is not necessary to set every limit.

The first time is exciting for both of us. But as Dom, you are the one who holds the power. Therefore, be sure to always check if the fun is good for both of you.


If you feel like getting closer to the BDSM world after this little illustration, don’t be too ambitious. Perhaps you will integrate the elements of BDSM into your “normal” love life. So you can discover your limits and preferences as well as those of your partner. Experience the balance of power and discover together how far you want to go. Nothing stands in the way of the fun.

Take your time for a first BDSM session. BDSM is not a “quickie”, enjoy it. Always end your session with love. When you have given up your role, there is nothing wrong with continuing to cuddle.

Take your time for a first BDSM session. BDSM is not a “quickie”, enjoy it. Always end your session with love. When you have given up your role, there is nothing wrong with continuing to cuddle.


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