London Mistress: What does it mean, How to become one and How to find them

Bdsm, mistress , submissives, role-playing games: eroticism is made up of many shades that, in domination and subordination, find the lowest common denominator of the most extreme pleasure.

And the hot “world” of ” Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism ” (indicated more and more often with the acronym BDSM) and of mistresses opens its doors and welcomes an increasing number of men and women who want to be part of it and who wish to become its absolute protagonists.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that now even in our peninsula the bdsm encounters based on a particular and synergistic relationship between “mistress and slave” are more and more frequent, to the point of becoming constant and increasingly widespread cravings and desires.

The mistress in Italy (and Italian) become the wet dream of all those who love to follow orders and be submissive, because they are aware that this is the right way to pleasure more stringent and simultaneously translates into the possibility of giving libido without brakes even their own dominatrixes.

From some data extracted from Google it seems the region where Mistresses are most sought after is Liguria immediately followed by Piedmont and Lombardy as can also be seen from the following map:

The goal to be achieved is to give total satisfaction to one’s needs, one’s needs and when these translate into an unstoppable desire to be dominated, then we ask ourselves how to find a mistress and leave room for imagination and more. spicy and “painful” sexual fantasies.

It is easy to understand, therefore, why there are hot ads on numerous dating sites ; Mistress and Bdsm are, in fact, some of the most visited categories, a sign that this way of reaching the apex of pleasure is one of the most preferred sexual practices by a huge number of people.

But what does “mistress” mean? How to become a mistress? What are the chat mistresses? These are just some of the many questions to which, below, we will give an answer, with the hope that it will be as complete and exhaustive as possible and that it leaves no room for any doubt.

This is why, in the development of this article, we will address key topics to learn about the “magical” world of BDSM. “Announcements and mistress meetings”, “how to find a misstress”, “Bdsm chat”: here are the searches made by users to give free rein to their most hidden and intimate desires. We will talk about mistress sites, how to become a mistress and, again, we will investigate the erotic practices of Bdsm.

Let’s go to the discovery of this world made of whips and leather, chains and submission but, above all, of pleasure and character!

Femdom: Everything you need to know

Let’s start by saying that, in BDSM meetings, sex (and those who practice it) are characterized by a dichotomous relationship: there are those who dominate and those who are dominated.

When a woman dictates the rules of pleasure, we are faced with a mistress who exercises the role of power in the relationship. The submissive, on the other hand, is the “sub” who experiences pleasure, even sexual, in the satisfaction of his dominatrix.

The term ” mistress” derives from the English language and takes on the meaning of “mistress”: it is the one who arranges the orders and makes her sexual desires concrete, surrounding herself with even more slaves, on whom she imposes herself by dictating the rules of the game.

But who are these mistresses? They are free women who love to experience sex in a conscious way, knowing that they are above everyone. They can be girlfriends, wives, companions as well as unknown women tracked down thanks to specific bdsm chats, with whom you want to share only moments – and whipping – of pure passion.

In the latter case, Bdsm dating sites are used as platforms through which mediation takes place between those who propose themselves as a slave and those who are mistresses, with the sole aim of creating a temporary relationship of “domination-submission” and of pleasure.

In fact, it is possible that the mistress-sub meetings are the result of preventive agreements to dedicate oneself to hardcore sex.

But how and where to do bdsm? It is the “dungeon” to be the “love nest” of the mistresses traced most of the time through the bdsm chats .

It is a red room where pleasure is started thanks to a series of accessories that are used to impose one’s domination and “hurt” the slave who, in that physical pain and submission in the role play, will find the greater sexual and psychological satisfaction and will make himself an easy prey to his mistress.

Bdsm dating: there is always the password

The sexual practices practiced in BDSM encounters are different and, of course, they can be extreme as well as softer. In any case, in sadomasochistic sex and, more generally, in the exercise of role play, respect is the constant of any relationship.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that the relationship based also on pain goes on as long as the slave is able to bear the submission.

The dichotomous relationship sees the mistresses exercising their domination but, in BDSM meetings there is never prevarication. In fact, the slave – when he deems it more appropriate or in any case when sexual activity exceeds the limits of both physical and mental endurance – to stop the game, he will only have to say a safety word, established in advance in accordance with the mistress. .

Beyond the pain inflicted physically (which in BDSM encounters turns into pure sexual pleasure), the mistress submits the slave also mentally. Suffice it to think, in fact, that, often, the preparation for extreme sex is also experienced through the chat activity with mistresses who, already virtually, begin to exercise their role as dominatrix and psychologically subdue the sub.

For this reason, the word of safety is essential to stop everything and is part of the intertwined relationship during bdsm encounters.

How to become a mistress?

More than one might wonder what it means to be a mistress.  To this question, there is no single answer but a series of beliefs can be put together that perfectly draw the figure of the dominatrix in BDSM encounters.

Certainly there is no manual made up of theory alone that explains in detail how to become a mistress and how to behave towards the slave.

Not everyone knows this, but choosing to be a mistress requires dedicating a lot of time to theoretical studies as well as sexual practice during BDSM encounters.

Knowing how to use the various furnishings typical of extreme sex also means knowing them thoroughly to avoid mistakes that, during the performances, could have negative consequences. We often ask ourselves how to find a mistress and for the satisfaction of our desires, most of the time, we entrust the search for pleasure to Bdsm dating sites.

Starting from here, one must know how to establish a trusting relationship between the owner and the diver, also made up of precise rules that help establish limits within which to move.

But a mistress must be strong and tough, to the point of leaving any form of empathy towards her slave outside the dungeon.

The dominatrix must be authoritarian and impose her sexual will which does not necessarily translate into complete intercourse: pleasure can be achieved by humiliating the sub, the ultimate goal of lovers of BDSM encounters.

The origin of the term

The term ” mistress” was not born in the current era but its origin is certainly older: in fact, it derives from Latin and was used to indicate, in a generic form, a woman capable of imposing herself on others even in society, in an almost dictatorial. But with ” mistress” were also labeled women who exercised a particular fascination on men already engaged, those women who, without being scrupulous, aspired to satisfy their desires and their whims.

To date, mistresses are the dominatrixes dressed in a skimpy way, in latex or with black leather. They wear high-heeled shoes and make whips, sexy toys and handcuffs, the most captivating and exciting sexual weapons to set the rules in sex,

The mistress is a strong woman – sometimes capricious but always authoritarian – capable of imposing, without “ifs” and “buts” her will and her superiority over the slave.

How to find a mistress?

There are many slaves waiting to be submitted to the will of a dominatrix who imposes her own personality and will on them. Not everyone, however, knows how to find a mistress to experience a sexual adventure in the red room of pleasure.

In fact, there are numerous bdsm dating sites, dedicated precisely to lovers of sex in chains. Here, just start by starting a chat with mistresses who use the platform to find slaves suited to your needs to be satisfied.

BDSM is not only a sexual activity, but also a very intense mental activity and   those who practice it know it well. The mistress, in Italy, and Italian, as well as in the rest of the world, we will release the BDSM meetings   and they do leave their ads on specialized platforms in the adult entertainment industry.

There are real BDSM communities in which dominatrixes and slaves realize their desire to share pleasure and strong emotions.

Psyche and sex are perfectly intertwined and involve all the senses in the relationship that is established between the mistresses and their prisoners who love to be submissive.

Mistress dating sites: which is the best?

For this reason, Bdsm dating sites have a great success and, among others, the one that in our opinion is the best ever can be reached at . It is a very easy to use platform that offers an exceptional user experience. The virtual journey into the world of meetings with the most attractive and authoritarian Italian mistresses starts right here.

Forbidden dreams materialize in the erotic practices of BDSM and the site offers its space to host announcements of mistresses who are looking for condescending and tolerant slaves. In the chat window , mistresses and subs indulge in virtual passion and establish a relationship of “domination – submission” destined to become concrete and even physical, when it is deemed most appropriate.

Dressed in latex and leather and armed with whips, the Italian mistresses are ready to enslave everyone to their extraordinary beauty.

Pursuing pleasure on sites dedicated to BDSM encounters means being aware of the fact that sexual desire must be lived freely and without responding to common and erroneous social stereotypes.

Choosing your mistress means choosing the path of the most intense pleasure!


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